Holy iPhone….

I’ve been waiting for months and months to get my hands on one of the iPhone 3Gs… I just couldn’t justify the monthly cost to myself….until now.  With the advent of the app store and all the articles I’ve been reading about the great things people are developing, I finally broke down and got one. …

Social Clutter…

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin – a Seth Head even – and one of his recent blog posts really highlights for me what’s happening in the social networking landscape.  As usual he hits the nail right on the head.

From a user’s perspective, its a throwback to a ‘remember when (insert hip website, bar, band, clothing line here) was cool?’

I do remember when MySpace was the hippest, coolest thing going a few years ago.  You found long lost friends, and even connected with some new ones.   And the bands…. oh the bands.  I found some great music on Myspace and maybe some people even found me.  I was just as guilty as others for marketing my music through the network.

But now things are different.