We Need Twefficieny

I was fowarded (and reminded of) a great blog that I used to read quite regularly, called Girl At Play, run by Alex Beauchamp.  I always enjoy her writing style and have an immense amount of respect (bordering on envy in some cases) for her experiences in blogging, traveling, and general outlook on life, all…


Read a great post from Krista Neher today about a tool called ‘Twitterhawk‘ (read full post here).  This is a tool that crawls Twitter looking for tweets about a topic of your choice then will automatically sent an @reply out from your account to that poster. Krista lays out some great points with regard to…

RE: Aligning Social Media with Companies

This Post by Chris Brogan first of all was excellent (read it), but more importantly got me thinking….

He’s wondering where the community thinks tools like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc belong in a company. Should they be handled by marketing, PR, HR, etc? In addition to his ideas, it got me thinking about what a huge opportunity there is for marketers, consultants, and agencies to teach clients. I think most companies think of these tools and social media in general as a way to reach out to their user base (which is true). But there’s also a great opportunity to use these tools on an internal level to streamline communication, build teams, and solidify a brand. Check out the full article and my .02 is below: