Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mohawk Valley Young Professionals event. Rick Short and I were honored to be asked to present and meet so many cool folks from the MoVa. Hopefully we were able to inspire and give you some ideas about how to thrive here. But the real takeaway from the…

SXSW 2011 Day 1 –

When people say that SXSW runs on beer, energy drinks and breakfast burritos, they weren’t kidding. I’ve been having an absolute awesome time the past couple of days, with great panels and meeting amazing people. One of the highlights of the trip so far was getting to hang with Erika Napoletano, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Martin,…

Will big networks be as Irrelevant as the Oscars? Thoughts on Content Distribution

I watched the Oscars this past Sunday. I’ll admit it. It started as background noise while I cleaned up around the house. Basically since I don’t have cable or an antenna for the TV I plugged my mac into the TV and fired up the pre-Oscar video stream on ABC.com – but as soon as the ‘actual’ ceremony was underway, the live stream was only of commentary taking place outside of the theatre. Even though ABC was broadcasting the Oscars (over the air) for free, I couldn’t see it on the web. What gives?

At this point I had already (kind of) invested an hour of my time in the pre-show, so I was a bit curious as to if anyone could beat Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor, so I fired up Justin.tv and found a couple of streams of the broadcast that individuals were sharing (basically by taking the video signal from their TV and uploading the stream live through Justin.tv so we could all watch). But on occasion the channel would get banned or shut down by administrators. However, a quick Twitter search for ‘Oscars Streaming Live’ netted me a whole wealth of channels streaming the broadcast (some even in HD).

And so within another 30 seconds I was back to watching the Oscars, on my TV, through my computer. No problem.