As the Executive Director of the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, I recently asked Ryan to be the Keynote Speaker at our 2016 Business of the Year Awards. I’m so happy Ryan agreed to the task! From the start of our communication regarding the event, Ryan was very prompt and answered emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. He was also eager to sit down with me to discuss and understand the focus of the event, including what we wanted our attendees to walk away with-a very important question that not many think to ask! Ryan certainly delivered on everything we discussed, and then some. He did an outstanding job of being inclusive of all types of businesses in attendance: solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large businesses. He challenged the audience to think differently and tell their story. He was very engaging, and respected the time he was given to deliver his address. Overall Ryan added a great vibe to our event, and I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement. He really puts so much thought into his delivery and his energy is contagious!