Kudos to Ryan Miller of ThINCubator for his excellent presentation at the 2017 Project Fibonacci STEAM Conference!  He easily connected with his audience, including 105 STEAM scholars ranging in age from 16 to 22, advising them not only of the key elements of planning a startup, but also about what it takes to be successful innovators and business thinkers. 

Ryan has gained a solid following amongst Project Fibonacci’s latest hackers, hipsters, and hustlers. 

Maria SmithCurriculum Committee Chair, Project Fibonacci Foundation, Inc.

Ryan was eager to sit down with me to discuss and understand the focus of the event, including what we wanted our attendees to walk away with-a very important question that not many think to ask! Ryan certainly delivered on everything we discussed, and then some. He did an outstanding job of being inclusive of all types of businesses in attendance: solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large businesses. He challenged the audience to think differently and tell their story. He was very engaging, and respected the time he was given to deliver his address. Overall Ryan added a great vibe to our event, and I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement. He really puts so much thought into his delivery and his energy is contagious!

Meghan Fraser McGroganExecutive Director, Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce

Your talk was received very well, by both staff and students. Even a month later, more than one student mentioned your presentation, and the video about being the first follower. It definitely left an impression!

I think that your messages about being creative, following your interests and not being afraid to fail were so important for students to hear. As a 9th or 10th grader, it is so easy to think of failures as the end of the world, and give up. Hearing an adult who is not their teacher or parent talk about how the road to success is never a straight one, is such a powerful message.

I would definitely recommend you to other schools or high school level groups/organizations. I actually hope that you will be willing to come back to P-TECH in the future and talk to more of our students!


One of the things I learned three years ago is if you want something done, go to Ryan Miller. With even more experiences I have understood that if I want something done well, on time, with as much professionalism as possible — go to Ryan Miller. So when my sons and I needed a website launched in short order, we went to Ryan, It looks great, met all of our deadlines, and is generating great analytics and new business. What more could we ask for? We highly recommend Ryan.

John ZogbyPollster