6/27/11 – Thank God for Music

I’ve always loved Over The Rhine’s music and their letters. This latest one fits them to a T. Their messages always paint such vivid photos and constantly remind me about what’s so right about their music and way that they value small things. It’s a longer read but one I think you’ll enjoy very, very much.

Dear extended musical family,

Well, after 20-some-odd years in the music business,
releasing projects,
touring in the USA and abroad,
performing on radio stations,
the occasional tv show,
on moving trains,
on a ship at sea,
outdoor festivals,
headlining our own Over the Rhine shows,
supporting more well-known artists on the road,
being on and off record labels,
running our own label along the way at various points,
working with publishers and distributors large or small
while all the while remaining fiercely independent of spirit—

One begins to feel as if one has seen it all.

But if I know only one thing for sure this morning here on Nowhere Farm:

We have not seen it all.  (read more…)