Consulting (let's get our hands dirty)

I’ve worked with and solved problems for dozens of entrepreneurs and small businesses, by developing marketing plans, digital strategies, asking damn good questions and helping to guide new initiatives.

I’ve taught them how to tell stories that people care about. I give their business and their teams a kick in the ass to jumpstart creativity, make better decisions and execute on plans that will help them attain their goals.

Want to pick my brain for an hour on storytelling with social media or need advice on getting your business off the ground? Do you need someone to work closely with your existing teams or marketing department on a short term campaign? Do you need a person to help guide you through building your business and hold you accountable? I have reasonable hourly rates or project based fees to fit (almost) any budget. Drop me a line to start a conversation.

Speaking (let’s talk)

After over a decade fronting a folk/indie rock outfit performing original tunes in front of fans as well as those who are openly hostile to acoustic guitars – I’m comfortable presenting on the stage, in the classroom or in the board room.

Small businesses, colleges, high schools, and community organizations hire me as a keynote speaker to get their teams thinking about what the future might hold for their industry or organization and how to adapt to technologies that will continue to disrupt and upend industries around the world (maybe even their own). Others just want to hire the energetic guy with the earrings to talk about how to leverage the connection economy or help their organization to change the way they think and work.

Topics that are right in my wheelhouse include The Connection Economy, Social Media Marketing, Digital Storytelling, Career Hacking, Customer Aquisition, Team Building, Community Development and much more. Ready to get started?

Website Design (let’s build it)

Looking for someone who can deliver you a sleek, no-nonsense website for your company or personal brand? Let’s talk. I’m not a full-stack developer, but I’ve been building custom sites with PHP and WordPress for almost a decade. Need responsive design? Check. Need commerce integration? Check. Need a design you can be proud of? Check. Need to do it all on a super-reasonable budget? Check. Don’t trust your brand to one of those free site builders and you don’t need to pay huge development fees. Ready to get started? Good. Projects start at only $1,500. Get in touch and let’s get moving.