Hey there. I’m Ryan. I create and connect big ideas, communities, stories, and people. I’m obsessed with using technology to share ideas, connect people and reinvent communities.

I’m currently the Director of the ThINCubator, an incubator/co-working and event facility that exists to drive innovation and foster a culture of entrepreneurship in our area.I work with entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, students, makers, hackers, refugees and seasoned business owners to solve problems, build businesses and create opportunities. It’s awesome.

I make things – I’m an co-founder of TEDxUtica, YouticaEATS and the Utica Firefly Storytelling Project. I’m a very adventurous eater but still hate peas.

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  1. Hi Ryan!

    I saw that you are coordinating a TedX in Utica this January 2018? I was wondering if you are accepting speaker applications?

    Last weekend I was inside the chaos at NYC’s Penn Station during the “false active shooter” situation and would LOVE the opportunity to pitch you some of my ideas in regards to speaking about the time we have on Earth, how we use it and what happens when that time “is up”.

    In the past I have spoken about “Doing more than just existing” at many different events including the local (Utica) Regional Youth Retreat where we had 400+ students. It was awesome!

    Anyways – please feel free to shoot me an email or contact me via cell at (315) 725-6082 !

    All the best,

    Sophia Elacqua

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